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Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury can be an extremely traumatic time, so finding the best injury lawyer who has experience with everything from slip and falls to wrongful death is essential.

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce and family issues can be tough on everyone, so search by zip code locator will yield top, prescreened divorce lawyers near by.

DUI Attorney

If you have been recently charged, finding a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer will be your top priority.

Criminal Attorneys

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. Find the highest rated criminal attorney nearest you is paramount. Search by zip code right now.

Tax Attorneys

Qualified tax lawyers can be tough to find. Choose a highly experienced one now with our zip code finder.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are in a tough financial situation and need to speak with someone who can properly guide you down the right path? Getting qualified, experienced help is essential.

Family law Attorney

Emotions can really flare up with family law issues. Don’t settle for second best – choose a family law firm that cares and has decades of expertise.

Real Estate Attorneys

When buying or selling a property, have someone in your corner who knows the ropes and can help you navigate sometimes complex transactions.

Car Accident Attorneys

Being involved in a car crash is both traumatic and very serious, especially when you have been injured. Find a car accident lawyer near you with our zip code locator.

Regardless of your situation, finding a top rated lawyer near you can feel overwhelming, yet it doesn’t have to be. Below you will find some helpful things to consider before you choose an attorney for your particular need. Click on this link to learn more about finding attorneys near me.

What kind of lawyer near you do you need?

Obviously, there are all kinds of lawyers in your locale, but choosing the right one for your exact situation is critical. Consider the following types of law practiced by attorneys:

  • Personal Injury – Includes: Wrongful death, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bit, car accident and so on.
  • Family Law – Children and divorce issues
  • Bankruptcy – Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and so forth
  • DUI – Driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Bail Bond – Incarceration issues
  • Criminal – Criminal proceedings
  • Tax and Estates – Selling or inheriting an estate or piece of property or selling/buying a business

Where to look for qualified legal help

Certainly this website is a great starting point as we have scrutinized lawyers in each of their respective fields and have placed them here for your consideration after careful review of their previous work. Visiting our page on finding the best law office near me will help you get more information as well.Beyond that consider the following:

Personal Referrals

It is often said  ‘it is not what you know, but who you know’ that makes the difference. Here at Lawyers Near Me, we certainly understand that. Getting a referral from a family member or close friend who may have dealt with a similar issue that you have can be both comforting and reassuring. Asking colleagues at work what their experiences may have been with other local lawyers is also a great reference point to consider.

Online Reviews for Nearby Lawyers

Today more than ever before, reviews of legal professionals is becoming more and more popular. Seeing and hearing what other people are saying can be an in important point of distinction and reference when seeking attorneys in your area. When looking at reviews, consider the pro’s and con’s of other people’s experiences with a particular lawyer or law practice in general. Remember when looking at attorney testimonials, then can be biased depending on several factors so try so using reviews to get a general feel for how the legal profession treats their clients and what their success rate is is probably the most important take away.

Attorney Specific Legal Review Sites

There are several choices online to look at when considering the lawyer you want to work with. Organizations such as www.avvo.com or www.legalzoom.com as well as www.nolo.com all can be valued resources for getting additional information about a firm or an attorney nearby.

Local Bar

Do not forget that every area has a local bar association from which you can gain some valuable insight as to local law firms and the attorneys they may have on staff. The bar is at the benchmark for initially giving and subsequently recognizing a legal professionals credentials and qualifications. Because lawyers are required to pass the bar for their particular state and hold licensing, this organization can provide an additional level of comfort for someone looking for a lawyer near by.

Meet An Attorney Nearest You

Understand that attorneys are very busy and may want to cut right to the point when speaking with or meeting a potential client for the very first time. Also remember that your time and your situation are also equally valuable, so while you shouldn’t feel rushed, you should be ready with a series of questions that you will want to ask them, such as:

  • How much experience do you have in this particular area of law?
  • What kind of success have you had when working with other clients along these lines?
  • What do you charge?
  • What are healthy expectations when beginning to work with you?
  • How will we communicate and how often?
  • How long do you expect before we see results?
  • How confident are you that my case outcome will be positive?